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Residents of Tukwila have seen a consistent rise in cost of housing. Tukwila should continue to work regionally to address lack of housing and affordable housing. It is vital to encourage long-term residency by providing a range of home ownership options for persons in all stages of life. 


As someone who utilizes public transit and commutes by car I recognize the wide range of transportation needs. Transportation systems should be affordable, accessible and designed to meet the needs of Tukwila residents. King County Metro and the city face a large budget shortfall due to the pandemic, however, I will continue to advocate for expansion of bus services and sidewalks.


Our future is in the hands of our youth. I will bridge and maintain a strong relationship between the Tukwila School Board and the Tukwila City Council to support students' needs, accessing  transportation, providing apprenticeships and a path to higher education. Let’s make Tukwila a great place to live, work and for students to learn.

Public Safety

Tukwila is a growing city, in a racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse community. At the center of each decision safety should be a priority for our residents and guests. As an engaged member of the community and a volunteer on the Tukwila Public Safety Bond I understanding on the range of public safety needs. I will continue to promote public safety, community policing and police accountability to ensure the well being of the Tukwila community.


The city's long term financial health is paramount to maintaining high quality living standards and services in Tukwila. I will maintain a close tie with our business community, both large and small to support post pandemic recovery and reduce new small business startup fees.

Environmental Justice

Addressing concerns on reducing noise and high air pollution levels for healthy living standards in all neighborhoods. 

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